Alcohol Ink Coasters

Seventh grade girls got to do the project of a lifetime – at least in art class because who wants to do a boring project when there’s something like this to be done? Anyway…

For this project we took white ceramic tiles from Lowes, they only cost 16¢ each, some Sharpies, and isopropyl rubbing alcohol and combined them to create the coolest coasters we’ve ever seen. We simply colored on the ceramic tiles with the Sharpies and then dripped the rubbing alcohol on them with droppers. Then we watched them make magic and dry into some pretty cool designs. See the finished products below!! 


Value and Reflection

Second graders were given the assignment of making a watercolor rainbow that stretched the entire length of the paper. They then let it dry and glued a black cityscape on it. This was to simulate a shadow as the sun was going down. And since we used green and blue and purple, we turned that into water and made a reflection of the cityscape In the water! 


First graders learned about texture which is something feels. We felt a stuffed animal, a string ball, a peacock feather, bubble wrap, quilt stuffing, and a rock. We compared how they felt and made a large poster explaining our findings. Then we created a cactus and used forks to paint the spikes on! They turned out wonderful! 

Can YOU Do It??

If given the instructions of making a tree with only a straight edge, and told to NOT make any curved lines, could you do it?

My seventh graders can! And they did. 

Here’s their answer to that question…


Seventh graders were given a chance to see just how unique their fingerprints really are! 

This is how we did it. 

We took markers and colored our fingertips. Then we stamped our prints and took the best one out of all five. Then the print was scanned in and put into a photo program and the colors were changed. We all had fun doing this. Take a look at the results below!